Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In intense discussions with a few sympathetic friends, it was determined that I am not (and likely never will be) a social networker. But why don't I write a blog!

Well. That made me pause.

Approximately one month and countless hours of reflection later, I think I will.

During my hours of reflection I asked a few friends if they would read my blog. I'm not really doing this so that people will become avid followers, but I wondered if my friends would want to read my writing.

The following is a list of responses to my query, "If I wrote a blog, would you read it?"
  1. Yes, I'd follow your blog! I think I'd enjoy it, until you write about me.
  2. Yes, I think that's a good idea!
  3. I'll read it. I'm looking forward to the Maya stories!
  4. Are you going to write about your friends? Should I be worried?
  5. I'll read it. You hardly ever answer your email, so it's not like there will be a lot to keep up with.

So this first post is for my friends, who encourage me to try new things while keeping their personal needs front and center. I appreciate you!

You can probably figure out which comment was yours. Sorry - I've already written about you!


  1. Words cannot express how excited I am about this. Let me try punctuation: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nope, even too much punctuation is not sufficient. This is a terrific idea, and well-executed, too. Consider me a fan.

  2. Well, well, well! Are Congratulations in order? All Right Then - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
    One thing you know you can always count on - your friends are your Number 1 fans. We look forward to enlightenment, wisdom, & witty stories centered around Maya, a certain gentleman who has a most unique view of his world and the people inhabiting it, and anyone else who happens into your line of sight. Of course, we expect this repartee will all be laced with a most healthy degree of sarcasm. I know I am looking forward to reading - daily? weekly? Monthly. Type on my friend.
    I do think it only right and fair that Karen was your first commenter.

  3. How Fun! I can hardly wait for the next bit of insight! The first chapter, perhaps... or just the funny day-to-day "stuff".