Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Sarcasm Font

I've been thinking about whether there really is a need for a Sarcasm Font. Certainly I can see the benefits: no more misunderstandings in emails, writers could play fast and loose with sarcasm and not worry about reader misinterpretation; it would probably even improve Closed Captioning.

But at what cost?

Sarcasm is often subtle. One has to develop an ear for sarcasm. True sarcasm is much more sophisticated than people generally assume.

Those of us who practise the Art of Sarcasm have reason to be concerned about the development of a Sarcasm Font. A font opens the door for misuse, overuse - all sorts of prefixed uses. Not to mention accidental use! That could destroy a relationship.

We must be careful that sarcasm doesn't become watered-down by convenience. All too often we lose something precious when it becomes convenient. French fries, chocolate, red wine - all examples of items that have become too convenient and so lost their preciousness.

Wait a minute-! What am I saying? Those things are still precious.

Okay, somebody get to work on the Sarcasm Font! Don't I have a friend who works for IBM?

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  1. Wait, I have a friend who works for IBM! Or wait, was that Hewlett and Packard. Nevermind.